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Do you want to Rent your house or apartment? Yamsterdam Real Estate will be happy to help with all your letting requests.

Yamsterdam firmly believes in the power of commitment as the specialized management agency for property renting, we are the right-hand man in business circles.

Our tenants are mostly coming from Shell,, Tommy and Tesla.

We will visit you and give you free letting advice.


Our letting services include:

  • Call us to make an appointment.

  • We will visit you and give you free letting advice.

  • You decide to do business with us. From that moment on, we will start doing what we can do best to bring your property under the notice of potential tenants.

  • We will photograph and describe the property. This presentation can then be viewed not only on our and other housing sites, but on specific sites such as Pararius, Funda and our own pages on social medias.

  • We will screen potential tenants and also check their financial credentials.

  • We will handle all the paper work and ensure a smooth running of the tenancy.

  • Needless to say, we will cooperate closely with you as a lessor (landlord) during the entire period

Are you curious about how Yamsterdam Real Estate can help you?

There are several  ways to contact us, just choose which one you prefer;

  • Feel free to give us a direct call on +31204282618

  • You can always send us an email to

  • Or just simply fill in the form below, send it to us and we will contact you.

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