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Home Tenants

We know how many calls, viewing and emails it takes to get an apartment in Amsterdam. There is no need to put yourself through this - Yamsterdam is here for you!

Our services can make your mission of finding a home in Amsterdam much easier! We offer a curated matchmaking service that cross-references our client lists, for both Landlords and Tenants.

This way we ensure that: (1) tenants love all the apartments they view, and (2) by being on an exclusive short-list, that they actually have a chance of getting the apartment. For this, we charge Tenants a one time fixed fee after we have indeed found you the perfect apartment and the deal with a landlord has been closed.

The Agency Fee

Rental Agency Represents the Tenant

This is the only scenario where it is legal for rental agencies to charge the commission to the Tenant.

When the tenant asks a rental agency to find him a home, the agency must spend time, personnel cost, transportation and other fixed office costs. In this case is very usual (like the most countries in Europe) that the rental agency charges the tenant the agency fee, of one months rent plus the VAT tax.

Rental Agency Represents the Landlord

Intermediary agencies representing the landlord are not permitted to charge costs to the tenant. It does not matter what these costs are called: commission, key money, or contract, intermediary and administration fees.

The law is clear about this and court rulings in recent years have reinforced it. You can reclaim such costs up to six months after signing the rental contract.

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Because little has been written about this option, in Yamsterdam we believe it is important that tenants understand the difference between due and illegal commission payments.

To illustrate this, here are some of the most common examples of how tenants find their new homes:

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