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Home Landlords

We offer Landlords the opportunity of finding a Tenant, at zero cost and with no commission.

At Yamsterdam we work by helping Tenants find a Home by presenting them with short-lists of apartments for which they are a perfect fit. We take client screening seriously, in order to ensure excellent matches for both parties.

Since we have decided to take commission from clients, we are able to offer Landlords the possibility of finding a Tenant at zero cost!

We invite Landlords to let us know if they have any properties that are on the market for rent!

Visit our Success Stories page from some proof!

How it works

In Yamsterdam we like to offer clear-cut solutions to our clients. We ensure all of the properties we find comply with the relevant rules for home rentals.

As a landlord, before renting out your property it’s important you know the possible risks. Once you know these rules, renting out a home can be a safe and fruitful investment. The profit is usually around 5% of the value of the property, per year.

So, what are these important rules?

Duration of the Rental Agreement

Renting out through the temporary rental regime excludes you from tenant's rent law. For this to apply, the rental agreement can be up to a maximum of 2 years. If the time elapses and the agreement extends, this transforms the fixed rental period turns into unlimited.

Liberal Rental

The house must have enough points to make the rent price flexible for the landlord. Those points should be calculated professionally through the points system. Click on the link below to check your elegibility.


Living License

In the Netherlands, the property should have a license called Huisvestingsvergunning.

Click on this link to see what it means.

Amsterdam Housing

Energy Label

One of the most important points for the scoring system is the energy index. A simplified label does not include the energy index. A physical inspection of the property by a certified party is necessary in this case.
We ensure to make sure you have the correct label.

When representing our clients, we always aim that the advertised label is the correct one. If you contact us, please make sure you mention the correct label.

Do you have any questions?

Visit our FAQ's page, or get in contact with us!

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