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Business Buyers

Are you starting business in the Netherlands? Are you going to open a new restaurant or shop in vibrant Amsterdam and don’t know how/where to begin? Do you need some advice and information about the updated market and rules in the Netherlands?

We, at Yamsterdam Real Estate Agency, among other services are offering shops and restaurants in/around Amsterdam.  Please, have a look to our various objects below and in any case feel free to contact us.

Step by Step

When dreaming of owning your own business, taking over a business often seems like a bridge too far. But that certainly doesn't always have to be the case. Often a takeover takes place within the family. Or an employee takes over the business. Yet wonderful companies also stop because they cannot find a buyer.

It is also often thought that taking over a company is expensive and that as a buyer you must have a big capital. But because a business takeover has its own attractive financial and tax options, a takeover can be financially feasible.

4 Reasons Why Taking over a Business is a Good Idea

We believe that this is an underrated, and often ignored option, so here are some reasons why you should consider taking over a pre-existing business in Amsterdam.

Future expectations are less uncertain

Research shows that a buyer is more likely to be successful than someone who starts up themselves.And of course that has everything to do with the fact that you jump on a moving train. The company already has sales, customers, brand awareness and a reputation.

Due to the demonstrable past of such a company, you already know what the costs will be and what income you can expect. Yamsterdam expertise in this market makes it clear for you.

Push in the Back with Financing

Financing is often easier to get than with a fresh start. The company that is for sale has already proven itself in the past. There are several ways to get money for a business takeover. For example, it regularly happens that the selling party remains financially involved. For example, by partly shifting the payment of the sales price to the future.

Much has already Been Arranged

Practical matters are in order. Permits have been issued, the property meets all requirements. There is a customer system and there are existing contracts. For example, with a substitution you can take over thelease of the property. That saves you a lot of time and energy. But please note, a permit is sometimes personal, for example in the catering industry.

Yamsterdam's Expertise is At Your Disposal

You can benefit from our knowledge, experience and network  to learn the tricks of the trade or to grow in the culture of the company.

Taking over a running business in a good location in Amsterdam is the specialty of Yamsterdam

Running your own business is your big dream. Opening a shop,Restaurant, Hotel or other business. You have a lot to organize in the run-up to this. Have you ever thought about taking over an existing company? Many companies do not have a successor; taking over an existing company can offer you many advantages as a starter.

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